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Event Space

Don’t Miss out on All the Fun


Upstairs Rental

This charming upstairs rental space is nestled in the heart of the Britton District, offering a unique and vibrant atmosphere for various events. The space boasts an industrial-chic design with exposed brick walls. With a floor area suitable for gatherings, workshops, or intimate events, the space provides a versatile canvas for creative endeavors.

As part of a 3.5 bbl microbrewery, guests can enjoy the authentic ambiance of a brewing environment. The aroma of brewing hops and the hum of machinery downstairs add a distinctive character to any occasion.  It's an ideal setting for beer enthusiasts, artists, or anyone looking for a unique and memorable venue in the lively Britton District.

Rent of the whole venue

Indulge in a one-of-a-kind event experience by renting the entire 3.5 bbl microbrewery nestled in the heart of the Britton District. This exclusive opportunity allows you to immerse yourself in the world of craft beer as you and your guests enjoy the full spectrum of brewing magic.

The brewery opens its doors for your event, providing an industrial-chic backdrop with exposed brick walls, stainless steel tanks, and the captivating aroma of brewing hops. With a spacious layout encompassing the brewing area, taproom, and additional event spaces, you have the freedom to create a truly memorable occasion.

Guests can savor a selection of handcrafted brews straight from the source, as the microbrewery's taps flow with an array of unique and flavorful beers. The venue offers a dynamic setting for corporate gatherings, private parties, weddings, or any special celebration. Professional brewing equipment becomes part of the decor, adding a distinctive charm to your event.

The rental includes access to the taproom, where attendees can mingle and enjoy the fruits of the brewery's labor. A dedicated team is available to assist with logistics, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience. Whether you're a beer enthusiast, event planner, or someone seeking a distinctive venue, the 3.5 bbl microbrewery in the Britton District invites you to raise a glass to a truly distinctive celebration.

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